We offer a wide array of products for our clients to choose from. Be it buying a house or creating a fund for your retirement or any other goal you may have, we believe we can put together a right mix of products to help you maximize the likelihood of achieving your goals and financial priorities.


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Direct equity investment can be rewarding. There is also risk involved. The risk is associated with the complexity of information that is contained in company's financial reports. This lack of information can signif icantly increase the risk involved in these investments.

We conduct extensive research to help us understand the financial strengths of companies and their investment options. This helps us ensure we keep your investment plan aligned to your goals and priorities and mitigate the risk by making informed decisions.

Based on your asset allocation plan, our advisors will advise you on selecting from the various Portfolio Management Services available. We evaluate PMS based on their track record and the costs associated with them keeping in mind your goals and priorities to f ind the right f it that suits your needs.

When it comes to Mutual Funds, there are plenty of options available in the market. Our advisors will be able to help you choose the right products to add to your portfolio in order to meet your goals. Our evaluation of mutual funds is based on the performance of the fund, the fund house, and the fund manager.


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Liquid funds are debt mutual funds that invest your money in very short-term market instruments such as treasury bills, government securities and call money that has a low risk.

These funds can invest in instruments up to a maturity of 91 days A liquid fund is the same as a money market fund, but avoids a lock-in period.

Gilt funds primarily focus on securities issued by the government called gilts these government securities could be long term or short term carrying with it a minimum risk level.

Income funds are a type of mutual funds which invest in various government, municipal and corporate bonds and money market instruments with any term period that one can choose from.

Arbitrage funds grasp the price difference in the cash and derivatives market to generate returns. The fund simultaneously is used to buy shares in the cash segment and sell futures in the derivatives segment of the same company. Market volatility doesn't entail more risk for the investor in such funds and is safe to invest with a high return.

These plans typically involve parking the funds in a fixed tenure ranging from 3 to 36 months. These are invested in securities for the duration chosen.

These are plans which can be directly purchased from the issuers and are suitable for long term investors.

These are fixed income instruments issued by public sector undertakings. These are suitable for long term investments.


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This is a long term investment. There are some advantages in choosing to directly purchase the property such as you having more control over your investment, or to create a legacy for your children.

There are also some downsides to consider such as limited diversification and the time needed to manage the property by you. Therefore, this investment is more suitable for those who have the time to choose the right property to suit their needs and also to take on specific exposure.

These are funds which invest in real estate and generate an income for the investor in terms of rent and capital appreciation. These offer more diversification in terms of realty selection and are managed by professionals in the realty segment.

These also don't have the downsides of direct purchase. This is a good option for people who have limited time and are looking to invest in real estate. This is also suitable for those who wish to invest less than the minimum required for a direct purchase.


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These are products designed for the sophisticated investors who like to hedge against the market downturns.

When the underlying index does well, you benef it from it. But if it doesn't, you still have your principal protected. Most of the products which our advisors suggest are principal protected.

These have the potential to fetch great returns when the right products are chosen. Our advisors can help in doing exactly that for you based on your financial profile, your goals and priorities


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These are investments which involve owning or interest in an entity which is not publicly listed or traded.

At Sumex Private Wealth, our advisors will help you invest in this sub asset class based on your financial profile and your understanding of the risk involved. Investing in private equity could be rewarding as India is projected to have a strong growth rate and also, a large number of companies are leveraging the economies of scale. The Indian market has corrected itself and the resulting valuations are attractive.

Our advisors can help you invest in this segment in two forms – Through deals in unlisted companies or through a variety of funds. We will help you choose the right mix of products based on your profile and risk appetite keeping it inclined with your goals and priorities