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You can bank on us! We'll be with you all the way.

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Experience the best in class Investment Advisory Services.

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We're Focusedon Growing your wealth

We can help you maximize the likelihood of reaching your investment goals.

Welcome to Sumex

At Sumex Private Wealth, we specialize in creating innovative solutions to manage and preserve your wealth. Be it offering knowledgeable advice or providing a holistic approach to financial planning, our team of experts ensure that your wealth is in safe hands and is managed efficiently.

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Why choose us?Sumex Private Wealth Edge

We understand that our clients have varying investment goals and priorities. Therefore, our team helps in deriving the right mix of asset allocation which is the key to determine the overall portfolio returns. And we keep in mind that this accurately reflects on our clients’ goals and priorities.  Read More

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How can we help?Our Investment Approach

Our team spends a significant amount of time with our clients' to understand their investment trends. Backed by extensive research, our team will help you put together the right combination of investment strategies to maximize the likelihood of achieving the client's goals and priorities.  Read More

Products & Services

We offer a wide array of products for our clients to choose from.

Be it buying a house or creating a fund for your retirement, we can help you maximize the likelihood of achieving your goals and financial priorities.

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Our Clients

Our clients are investors who understand the value of true financial partnership, appreciating the difference between chasing a hot tip and thoroughly vetting a company poised for long-term growth.

  • Affluent individuals and families
  • Business owners and corporations
  • Institutions and non-profit organizations
  • Governments and public entities
  • Safeguard and prudently grow investments
  • Efficient tax planning
  • Fund anticipated liquidity needs
  • Plan and execute philanthropic goals